octobre 14, 2003

O Wet Pet

They say that, of all the reasons that couples break up, money is number one on the list. I don't know who "they" are, but I agree. I feel like I've had the following argument every day this week:

Ash: Can you pay for dinner tonight?

Me: (dully) Okay, but I did just spend $200 at the vet yesterday.

A: But I paid for the last two tuesdays! Come on!

M: You just spit on me!

A: I'm sick of you and your dry arguments!

M: Fine, I'll pay.

Oh yeah, I/we got a dog. His name is Miles and he has been ours for a week. He's great - so smart and cute. Unfortunately, there is one thing that Miles will not abide: having his picture taken. This is very unfortunate, being that I love to photograph things.

First, we thought it was the flash. Katie was trying to snap some shots of him with one of those disposable things, and he got so mad that he left the room and wouldn't return no matter how many times we called and dangled treats. It took him about 15 minutes to forgive her.

I thought I'd be clever and busted out my manual Nikon, for some shots incognito. But no dice. As soon as I lifted the camera up to my face, he took off. I followed him with some treats, but he nursed his grudge for a while.

This is a tragedy! Things as aesthetically pleasing as Miles must be photographed. And yet...I can't deny the fact that pet photographs, by their very nature, are chronically lame. So ultimately, his camera-shyness could be a blessing in disguise. When I become a famous photographer, I suppose they will have fewer lame pet pics to pull from my past and humiliate me with.

Posted by robyn at octobre 14, 2003 10:25 PM