septembre 27, 2004

Ala Ala Ala


Thanks a million Ash, Cody, and Jay, for an amazing Vegas weekend!!!

We laughed, we splashed, we oogled, we lost obscene amounts of money at blackjack, we ate, we ate, we ate, we drank Sofia, we had a really fucking good time, thanks to you three and your fab-o-lous surprise weekend planning.

I know true friendship is priceless, but thanks for spending all that dough anyway. I love you guys!

love, me

The camera died on saturday, but there are a few more pictures here…

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septembre 07, 2004

fucked-up animals

In the process of waiting for laundry to dry, and feeling too lazy to do anything useful, I have been reading the online archives of Savage Love, wherein I have stumbled upon a collection of letters sent in by people who have wierd stories involvong birds and sex.

Here they all are.

But just in case you’re in a rush or something, you have to at least read the following letter, which has made me laugh so hard that I’m in tears. (Especially loving feet as much as I do. Well, only my feet, but still.)

“When I was 12, I had a parakeet named Little Buddy. I learned that parakeets are attracted to mirrors and things that look like other birds. In my adult life, I now realize that they must be incredibly stupid animals if they do not recognize mirrored glass for what it is and not another parakeet, but that is neither here nor there. Whenever Little Buddy saw something that he thought was another bird, he would peck at it, chirp, and spit up seeds on it. One day, my dad was barefoot while I had the bird out on the floor. Little Buddy walked over to my dad’s feet and started pecking at his big toenail. My dad has the gross, callused feet of a workingman, which in no way look anything like a small bird. Little Buddy started spitting up seeds and when he started humping away at my dad’s big toe, I grabbed him and put him back in his cage. Anytime my dad’s feet came into view of his cage, he would start chirping or he would bite if I put him away while my dad was barefoot. The moral here is that parakeets are sick, fucked-up animals and you should keep them away from the ones you love.”

Cassie S.

P.S. The new Bjork album is amazing.

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